Friday, February 25, 2011


Ok so I might be getting confused...or cold feet... or just depressed
but what ever the reasons for why I feel like this I'm questioning my impending marriage.

I believe difficult decisions are not made without the proper research and so I started mine a couple months ago...

I read "committed" By Elizabeth Gilbert, I've done a mental inventory of values and I enrolled in a Buddhism class to get back to a clear thinking head space. I have yet to surf in the last 2 months and see a relationship councilor but don't worry there still on the to do list...

Continuing with my research today I Googled. I'm a big fan of Googleing.

this is what I asked the internet;

"what makes two people compatible enough for marriage"

and in this is what i found...

" can you make each other happy and yet remain true to yourselves? If one of you feels that they have constantly give up things that are important to them in order to maintain a relationship - this signifies incompatibility."

and then there was this...which actually made me laugh out loud.

"I'm in the same boat, I don't know if I should be marrying this man, I have found him to be selfish. So I think a year or two at the most before I've had it with his ***. Really I thinks its best to have a few things more than just great sex in a marriage for it to last."

the internet is echoing the voices in my head...Not quite the affirmation I was looking for :(

I may have to ban myself from the computer for a while lol

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